Goldenrod (Solidago spp.) is in full bloom here. It certainly brightens up the landscape! This is a plant I tincture, dry for tea, and infuse in body oil. Goldenrod is astringent, diaphoretic, vulnerary, and antimicrobial, and can be ingested or applied for a variety of ailments. There are many species, all are medicinal, though each species will have a slightly different scent, taste, and potency.


Goldenrod helps reduce some allergy symptoms when taken prior to and during allergy season, can help dry up the sinuses, and is a wonderful decongestant. It can be consumed as tea, tincture, inhaled in a facial steam, added to a Neti pot, or consumed as syrup for respiratory and sinus complaints.


Goldenrod is not only used to aid the respiratory system. Combined with other herbs, it’s useful in treating urinary tract infections, and also gout and edema, thanks to its diuretic properties. Goldenrod stimulates the kidneys, and aids in digestion. It makes a useful mouthwash to treat thrush or throat infections, and has a pleasant, piney scent and taste.

Goldenrod can be used to help sweat out a fever, as it is a diaphoretic. This can be consumed as a tea, or prepared in hot water and added to a bath. Prepared as a wash (like a tea) it can be applied to wounds and burns to encourage healing and soothe inflammation. When infused in oil, it can be applied to wounds and skin in need of a little extra care.

I think Goldenrod is a beautiful, lovely plant, and it grows abundantly here. With so many uses, it’s a valuable plant to have around, and I wildcraft it for my Apothecary. I currently have oil and tincture in stock, and gather more plants each year to prepare for the cold months when my sinuses tend to act up. This batch here will be tinctured, infused in oil, and dried for tea, baths, and herbal steams.