Filling the Void

When we take our eyes off God, we turn them to other things. And often, the things we turn to aren’t fulfilling, they leave us yearning for more. We try to fill a void with something only He can fill. 

Some try to fill this void with other people. They seek love, attention, and validation from others, but it never really satisfies. They can’t be single or alone, they need to be with someone out of a fear of loneliness or a desire to feel wanted, loved. They enter relationships for the wrong reasons and feel disappointed when they don’t find what they’re searching for. 

Some people fill this void with things, like clothes or cars or gadgets that bring them temporary happiness, but not lasting joy. A new gadget, new dress, or other item may bring a smile to your face, but does it touch your heart? 

There are so many ways we try to fill the void we feel in our lives when we don’t fill it with Him. We turn to people or things, substances to abuse, we chase after power or fame, we turn to vice. We search in all the wrong places, become disappointed when we don’t find what we’re looking for. 

What if, instead of relying on a person to alleviate your loneliness, you entered into a deeper relationship with Christ? What if, instead of chasing after the latest and greatest the market has to offer, you chased after the source of eternal joy? Can you imagine if instead of turning to worldly possessions, we turned our eyes to heaven and saw a life after this one?

A Christian life isn’t an easy one, no one said it was, but when you turn to the bread of life, your hunger will be satisfied.