Prioritizing Faith

Everything either brings us closer to or pulls us away from God.

The music we listen to, the shows we watch, the friends we have, the magazines we read and the media we subscribe to all have an influence on our faith and how we live it in today’s world. Some influences inspire us to be better Christians, many distract us from Christ. If we truly value our faith and a relationship with Him, it’s important we prioritize that which brings us closer to Him. 

How often do we get on social media or turn on the radio to see and hear someone celebrating and encouraging things that directly conflict with our faith? Are we subscribing to those stations and pages, or do we turn to something that aligns with our values? We must ask ourselves “does this really align with my faith? How does this encourage me to grow, how does it strengthen me?” If it’s something that pulls you away from Him or sends a message that directly conflicts with your faith, reevaluate whether you really want that influence. 

How do our friendships form us? Are we surrounding ourselves with people who live their faith and encourage us to live ours? Or are we surrounding ourselves with people who only care for the temporary pleasures of this world and encourage us to participate in things that pull us away from Christ? Choose your friends wisely, and prioritize time with those who help you grow in faith instead of pulling you away. 

Obviously we can’t escape everything we don’t agree with in a secular culture, and we can’t share our faith with the world if we just keep to ourselves. But we can control who we surround ourselves with and what we expose ourselves and our families to. It’s important that we evaluate what we allow into our lives, and prioritize what bring us closer to Christ. Otherwise, it’s a war between this world and the next, temporary satisfaction versus lasting joy, choosing to build a strong faith versus allowing ourselves to be swayed by the whims of the world.