Joyfully Living the Faith

People are drawn to joy and beauty. If we are to draw others to Christ, we must joyously live our faith according to what He taught us and share the beauty of His Church with the world. 

Our faith isn’t just what we post on Instagram, and it extends beyond Mass. It’s a way of life. Every day is full of opportunities to grow in faith and share the joy of it with others. It is not enough to believe something, we must truly live what we believe - in thought, word, and action according to the principles He and His Church outlined for us. Not just the principles that are easy to live by, but the hard truths, the truths pop culture don’t agree with, the ones that require sacrifice and discipline. If we don’t live by and share the Truth, how can we expect others to see it?

We aren’t promised an easy life, we aren’t promised popularity among man. We are called to live holy lives and be the hands and feet of Christ on earth, and we can’t do that if we keep Him to ourselves. 

How do we share our faith with others? Share your art, favorite saints and their writings, your favorite devotions and prayers. Invite someone to Mass, to Sunday dinner, to your family #rosary. Participate in church events and charities and be the hands and feet of Christ in your community to those who may not otherwise experience His love. Reflect on the corporal and spiritual works of mercy and how you can incorporate those into your life (feed the hungry, visit the sick, instruct the ignorant, counsel the doubtful, bear wrongs patiently, etc). Many people only see the Church from the outside and don’t understand what it means to live by the faith. They don’t understand how something with so many laws, doctrine, and tradition can be so freeing and joyful when we keep Christ at the center of our lives. They don’t see how beautiful it is. Part of it is because so many of us don’t set a good example and live by Church teaching, or we just don’t share it with the outside world. Our goal is Heaven. If we wish to move the world, we must joyfully proclaim the Word and share His love with others.