Productivity Mindset

How many of us believe our day was wasted if we didn’t do anything “productive”? Productivity mindset is something I still struggle with on occasion. When I have a day off work, I feel like I have to do something for my own business. I have to make product or work on my website, study or clean the house, check off that to do list. Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, and yet I still wrestle with allowing myself to take a break.

After a stressful, busy week, I needed a break. Yesterday I decided I would visit Holy Hill today, then got up this morning and debated whether I should go. I felt I should clean the house, put away my products from yesterday’s events, work on a new rosary, and get some groceries. I didn’t want to do any of these, but I felt obligated to. 

Every time I plan to visit Holy Hill, to spend a day away from the world immersed in prayer and solitude, I feel something pulling me away. The devil truly wants to keep us from the things that bring us closer to God, and he knows that this is a place that always renews my spirit. He knows that if I go, I feel refreshed and strengthened in spirit for the week ahead. if I don’t go, I might use the day to focus on things that don’t lead me closer to Him and don’t strengthen me spiritually aside from that morning’s Mass. At home, there are just too many distractions. At Holy Hill, I’m more than sixty miles away from distractions, my whole day is dedicated to spiritual refreshment and strengthening my relationship with the One that matters most. While that may not seem “productive” to some, to me it is imperative that I prioritize my religious life and live out my faith, make time for prayer and solitude, and focus on spiritual health. 

Our worth is not measured in our productivity. Our day is not wasted if we haven’t finished our to do list or accomplished all the worldly things we wanted to. Rest is vital. True health focuses on physical, mental, AND spiritual well-being. Next time you find yourself in a productivity mindset, ask yourself if what you think you need to accomplish really matters. Don’t base your day’s worth in the worldly accomplishments it had.