Small Potatoes

Today was one of those days. First, I dropped my new ring and popped out the Moissanite. Then I had multiple frustrations at work, had a headache, it was raining and I had to get groceries, I saw my heating bill for the last month, I have a bunch of projects to do...the list goes on. It was a rough day, and I let myself become irritated and frustrated and overwhelmed with everything. 

It’s easy to do, to allow ourselves to become overwhelmed or irritated or frustrated. It’s easy to succumb to negative thoughts. On days like these, I ask myself what my prayer life looks like. Is He the center of my life? Is the relationship that matters most taking priority? You know what I need? A rosary. A full twenty uninterrupted minutes of prayer and scripture and conversation with Him. After a prayer session, even a small one, where I ponder His life and sufferings, His triumph and mercy and grace, after I’ve looked to Our Lady and the saints and ask myself how they would handle these situations, you know what I realize?

It’s all small potatoes, friends. All those problems are small potatoes, and I let them distract me and stress me instead of using them as opportunities to learn and grow in patience, charity, or discipline. I allow them to bring me down instead of using them to build myself up.

It makes a world of difference, whether I’ve started my day with prayer, ended it with prayer and thanks, appreciated every blessing and thanked Him for opportunities presented to me throughout the day. It takes more effort to be upset than it does to take a step back and contemplate, to return to what matters. 

Take a break, take a breath, say a Hail Mary and come back to your center, regain your focus and remember, it’s all small potatoes. 

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