Holy Rosary Novena

It’’s day five of this beautiful novena, the feast day is October 7! If you’re doing this novena, it’s a beautiful way to dive deeper into the Mysteries of the rosary and deepen your relationship with Jesus and Mary. 

A rosary is made of five decades. A decade is one set of ten Hail Mary beads. On each decade we meditate on a different Mystery, which is a significant event in the lives of Jesus and Mary. There are four sets of Mysteries: the Glorious, Joyous, Luminous, and Sorrowful. A rosary focuses on one *set* of Mysteries, each decade on an *individual* Mystery. 

The novena is a nine day prayer. In this particular novena, we pray a rosary each day, with a reading on each of the Mysteries in the rosary. At the end of nine days, you’ve prayed all the Mysteries twice (and one three times) and you’ve spent time reflecting on significant events (Mysteries) like the Nativity, Presentation, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, etc.

A rosary takes you through the lives of Jesus and Mary, events found in Scripture. Even the greeting “Hail...full of grace” comes from Scripture - the greeting of the archangel Gabriel to Mary in the Annunciation. If you’re interested in deepening your relationship with Jesus and Mary, the rosary is a great way to do it! And this novena is a great way to keep you going through the Mysteries. 

October is the Month of the Rosary, so if you’ve missed part of the novena, don’t fret! You can still pray a daily rosary. In honor of this month, all rosaries on my site are on sale all through October - including custom rosaries. If you’re new to the rosary, leave me a message during checkout to receive a pamphlet with instructions and the Mysteries!