Focus on Him

Sometimes, the world feels heavy and all I can do is pray and focus on Him instead of the scandals of the world.

It’s been a rough week with news of the Church, the abuse and the silence, the coverups and the excuses. Abuse is never okay, silence by authorities is complacency, and none of this should have happened. It’s a disgrace. I can’t bring myself to read most of the articles, and my heart breaks for the victims and the Church. To add to the disgrace are the number of lukewarm faithful who decide to leave the Church because they have no faith in the midst of scandal. Yes, these crimes are terrible, but to leave the Church is to weaken it, as the Church is only as strong as those who support her. I am greatly disturbed by the abuse that occurred,   but I will not leave for churches without the fullness of truth, who are founded by men, and who also have scandal, when I have the fullness of truth, the Eucharist, and the Church founded by Christ himself.  

I joined the Church of my own volition, as an adult.  I did not join the Church to witness the weakness and errors of man, but the strength, Love, and mercy of Christ. Despite all the terrible men within the walls of the Church who do not live as Catholics (or anyone) should, there are many more who are righteous and holy, who carry out their vows and guide the faithful as they’re supposed to. Have we forgotten about the numerous faithful priests and bishops who had no part in this evil? You will never find a perfect institution, free from corruption and sin, because man is not free from sin and corruption. 

I believe in leading by example, in living our lives as Christ has called us to do, following the laws of the Lord and imitating the saints and Blessed Mother. Those are my guides - not the unholy men who have failed the faithful. I hope we, the laity, and the clergy will all work together to remove this cancer from our Church and restore it to what it ought to be. We can restore our Church, through prayer, fasting, and penance. We can strengthen our Church through leading by example. We can see that justice is served, and prevent abuse from happening again.