Memories and Medicine

I spent a lovely evening with Elder and wild rose 🌿 I love visiting all the plants in this special place, checking on their growth and enjoying their beauty through all seasons. Elder will soon bloom, and I’ll infuse her flowers in brandy for the sweetest tincture.

Truly, half the medicine is in spending time with plants. I can’t tell you how much good it does me, to walk away from everything and immerse myself in a lush green land, hearing only birds and the wind in the boughs, feeling the warmth of sun on my skin. How restoring it is, to lay down your cares and worries, to leave behind the troubles of the world and just BE. How refreshing, to be in the present moment, to enjoy every sight, sound, and moment for what it is.

When I drink a strengthening nettle infusion, massage a violet oil into my skin, or taste elder tincture, I remember the moments spent with those plants. When I preserve plants for later use, I store with them these memories, to be relived again and again.

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