Do You Have an ID?

I cannot stress enough the importance of real education, Herbal safety, and ethical wildcrafting.

If you don’t know what something is, don’t harvest it. Many plants have poisonous cousins with a similar appearance - a mistake can cost you your life. An improperly prepared medicine can make you sick. If you aren’t sure what a plant is, or how to incorporate it into your life through culinary or medicinal use, then read a book or a credible online source. In a world of instant gratification, don’t just do a google search or ask online and expect to know enough to use a plant safely. Need a book recommendation? Send me a DM and I’ll happily point you to some of my favorites.


Don’t harvest something if you’re unsure whether it’s endangered, whether it’s been sprayed, or if you don’t really have a use for it. Don’t harvest it just because it’s there. If you’re wildcrafting, make sure you leave plenty for wildlife and to sustain healthy plant populations. Overzealous harvesting can cripple populations, and it’s how we end up with endangered plant species.

I’ve seen time and time again people asking for a plant ID, and then immediately asking “can I tincture it? Drink it as tea? Can I eat this?” If you’re unsure about what a plant is, you shouldn’t harvest it, and you certainly shouldn’t jump into preparing it without first researching its constituents, preparation methods, and safety considerations.

Herbalism is a lifelong journey, and we all make mistakes. Empowerment comes through education, and one must educate themselves before harvesting or working with a new plant. Take the time to get to know your plants, the area in which you harvest, how to make safe Herbal preparations, and become familiar with various resources. There are so many books, Herbal schools, Herbalists with workshops and immersion programs, podcasts and more to familiarize yourself with plants and Herbal preparations. Take advantage of these resources and remember to ✨ s l o w   d o w n ✨ when working with the plant world. Remember, Nature does not hurry - and nor should you. #librasgarden #herbalism #dandelion