Knowledge is Power

People may fear what they don’t understand. Occasionally, I see a fear of herbal medicine by those who do not wish to research it, or who reach for other “safer” remedies because they want something they can take without a second thought.

There is absolutely nothing to fear from herbs when they are understood, and properly prepared and consumed or applied. There are many herbs safe and gentle enough for babies, pregnant and nursing women, and the elderly. There are also deadly herbs, ones that are poisonous if you consume the wrong part of the plant or an improperly made preparation, herbs that are often found growing near your homes or popular medicinal plants.

Knowledge is power, and education is key to herb safety. There are many credible sources for herbal education, books and articles and courses, that are easily accessible and often affordable, that can help you learn about plant identification, medicine preparation, and safety concerns and contraindications when working with and administering herbs.

It is important to not fear what grows around us, and to understand what is available to us for natural health and wellness. It is equally important to know what you are doing, and not assume that because something is natural or plant-based, that it is safe. We would do well to not fear plants, but respect them.

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