Oral Health

A friend recently had some dental work done, and was in need of some herbal preparations to relieve pain and encourage healing. So, I made a Toothache Tincture and an Herbal Oral rinse. While oral health starts with diet and hygiene, the type of products we use can make a huge difference in the health of our teeth and gums! 

The Toothache Tincture is made with Spilanthes, a plant that numbs the mouth and increases salivation when you chew it. It extracted pretty well in brandy, and creates a warm, tingly, numbing sensation, and causes you to salivate quite a bit. If you swish the saliva around and spit, you’ll effectively numb the mouth and reduce oral pain. Spilanthes is also useful in preventing infection, in part because it increases saliva production, and also because it stimulates the immune system.

Herbal mouth rinses are easy to make, and much gentler than store bought versions. If you want it to be shelf stable, it does require alcohol, but if you make enough to last a few days you can just refrigerate the liquid. This is basically a strong tea of Yarrow and Cardamom, which will help tone tissues, prevent infection, and encourage healing in the mouth. You can make a mouth rinse with a variety of herbs based on your need, with things like Yarrow, Thyme, Monarda, Mint, Sage, Cinnamon, Clove, Spilanthes, Calendula, and more. It’s fun to play around with and create new flavor blends, and it’s easy to address various oral problems by selecting herbs based on one’s needs. It’s an easy preparation and a great addition to an oral health regimen.

For my own dental needs, I use a toothpowder made of herbs and clay, and an oral rinse of whatever herbs I feel suits my needs at the time.  Since switching to natural products, I don’t experience sensitivity like I did with conventional toothpastes and mouthwash. The products I make are much more gentle and effective for me than their conventional counterparts. Simple product changes like this can make a world of difference in our health and the way we feel.