Creating A Custom Rosary

The rosary is a lovely devotion to Our Lady, a prayer that brings us closer to Jesus through Mary. When we pray the rosary, we meditate upon the mysteries of Christ’s life, the Joyful, Glorious, Sorrowful, and Luminous Mysteries. It is a beautiful prayer, and deserves a beautiful prayer tool to accompany it.

The physical rosary is as personal as the prayer, and should be unique, durable, and beautiful. I strive to offer quality rosaries at a variety of price points, to suit the tastes and needs of everyone. I offer ready-to-ship rosaries, and welcome custom orders. Custom rosaries require much thought, as there are many options available! Choose your metal, gemstone bead type and size, and determine which center piece and crucifix are best for you. Read below to see the various options available, and create the perfect rosary.

Choose Your Metal

Gold-Filled means that the wire, center piece, and crucifix are heavily plated with gold, usually 14k, and the base metal is brass. “Gold Filled” means that there is a minimum of 5% gold by weight in a piece. Gold-filled has a much thicker plating of gold than “gold plated” pieces, and the gold color endures much longer than regular gold plated pieces. The plating may wear off in time, after much use, or may tarnish, but the color and shine are easily maintained with a polishing cloth - included complimentary with all gold filled rosaries. Gold filled pieces can last for decades, and are very durable. Many people choose gold-filled as a more affordable - but still luxurious - alternative to solid gold.

Sterling Silver rosaries are made with solid sterling silver wire, center piece, and crucifix. Solid sterling silver will tarnish, but is easily polished with a polishing cloth, which is included complimentary with Solid Sterling rosaries. Solid sterling will last longer and is more durable than silver plated pieces, and is heavier, giving it a more luxurious feel. Sterling Silver is an excellent choice for a special occasion rosary, and makes a treasured gift.

Silver-plated rosaries have wire, a center piece, and a crucifix that is made of base metal with silver plating. Silver plated rosaries are the most affordable, and are more lightweight than Sterling or Gold Filled rosaries. The metal is softer and less durable than Solid Sterling or Gold Filled.

Choose Your Beads

Most of my rosaries are made with 6mm beads, but those with larger hands may prefer 8mmm beads. Beads can be smooth or faceted. Faceted beads catch the light and seem brighter than smooth beads, but either one makes a lovely rosary.

Gemstones are available in a variety of colors and price points. Use one gemstone type for a rosary, or a mixture of different gemstones to create a family birthstone rosary or rosary of your favorite colors. Choose from gemstones like Morganite, Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, Black Onyx, Amethyst, Garnet, and more. Browse the Rosary Gallery to see some of the gemstone options available, or message me to see other gemstones not yet featured on my site!

Choose your Rosary Center and Crucifix

There are a variety of pieces available to complete your rosary! Choose your favorite saint, Mary, Jesus, or the Holy Family as your rosary center piece. Select from a variety of crucifix styles to match, from simple to ornate. Simply send me a message to inquire about the various pieces available, or if you have pieces in your possession you’d like me to use in your rosary, send them to me and I’ll create your rosary with them!

Creating Your Custom Piece

A custom rosary typically takes 1-2 weeks to create, once I order the necessary parts. I work hard to make sure each custom rosary is durable, beautiful, and unique while meeting your needs and tastes. To get started on your custom rosary, send me a message on my Contact page to discuss options and receive a quote.

Praying the rosary encourages us to slow down and focus on our spiritual life. It encourages patience, stillness, wonder, and wisdom. It inspires us to live more holy lives, through the example of Mary and her Son. I encourage everyone to pray the rosary, so they may meditate upon the life of Christ and grow closer to him. It is a wondrous and powerful prayer, and since October is the Month of the Rosary, what better time than now to make the rosary a part of your daily life?


Matte Amazonite Rosary with silver-plated wire, center piece, and crucifix.