Faith and Herbalism

In this space, I share my religious beliefs, my rosaries, and educational posts about herbal medicine, as those topics and the things I make are very dear to me. As an herbalist and a Catholic, I often feel somewhat alone in the herbal realm. Very few of the herbal folk I follow here are practicing Christians, much less of them Catholic. Often, the views I see expressed here are very different from what I believe and practice. 

While they're pretty and I like them, I don't believe crystals have metaphysical healing power. I don't practice astrology or think planetary alignment has any effect on my daily life. I don't believe in spells or witchcraft or tarot. While the word "witch" has different meanings depending on who you talk to, I don't identify as one. I don't believe in a goddess, and my views on pretty much everything align with Church teaching. I'm not perfect, but I try to live my life according to His design. Certainly, I seem to be in the minority in this community, based on what I've seen. 

I recently unfollowed many pages on Instagram, as I realized that while I was surrounded with inspiring herbal folk, I saw more and more posts about all the things I don't believe in cluttering my feed. That's not to say I don't like or admire these people and their work, I simply realized that most of what they share didn't align with my deeply held beliefs. I already encounter so few in my daily life who share my faith, I don't want my online presence to reflect that if I can help it. I truly think you become what you surround yourself with. 

I recently discussed this with a friend, one who felt herself to be in the same position as I. She also feels that the Christian herbal community is small, and it can be hard to find the community we're looking for when most of what we see isn't the community we yearn for, and it leaves part of us feeling conflicted or unfulfilled. 

I'd love to connect with other individuals who share my faith and my love for the plant world and natural healing. The two are not mutually exclusive, though it often seems the field is dominated by those who have very different religious and spiritual beliefs. I think it is important to remain true to your beliefs despite what others around you may believe or practice, even if you feel alone. Sometimes, it just takes a little searching to find the community you're looking for, and sometimes, it requires you to build the community you wish to see.