Heroic Medicine - You Don't Need a Hero

I've never believed in "heroic" medicine, in drastic changes, strict diets, detoxes, expensive methods, and sponsored products. It's so trendy to jump on a new diet with the promise that it will cure you of nearly any ailment. You'll be healed, provided you buy their book and limit yourself to juice and broth for days at a time to "cleanse" your body, and then eliminate certain food groups or macronutrients that the author demonizes.

It's so easy, for those without nutrition or herbal or medical education to fall into the marketing traps. It's so easy to buy into the gimmicks, the promise that you can be cured with a restrictive diet, with a cleanse, a detox, a program. 

But how many of those are actually sustainable? How many will you choose to live on for the duration of your life? How many can afford the programs and diets and products, and how many actually need them?

You see, your body strives for balance. It doesn't want strict and sudden drastic dietary changes. It doesn't want or need an expensive ten day cleanse (you have organs that do that for free) and it doesn't need the latest and greatest. 

What it wants is routine and healthy variation. Your body wants healthy, nourishing food at regular intervals, all the macro and micronutrients, and most of the food groups. Some of us don't tolerate meat or dairy or grains well, and that's fine. But we all need carbs and fat and protein. 

Your body wants rest, at regular intervals. It wants minimal unnecessary stress. It wants time outdoors in the sun and breaks from your technology screens. It wants routine exercise. 
When we have a balanced routine, including diet, rest, and exercise, we do pretty well. Our bodies are, in general, balanced and healthily functioning. We don't need expensive programs or severe diets to be healthy, that's a marketing tactic. Treat your body as a temple, give it what it needs. You seldom need much else.