True Presence

More than 50% of Catholics believe the Eucharist is merely a symbol of Christ, according to a recent poll. The True Presence is a core belief of the Catholic faith, instituted by Christ during the Last Supper. When I joined the Church in 2012, my last hurdle in RCIA was the Eucharist. I had SUCH a difficult time accepting the True Presence, I couldn’t fathom how He was present in the wafer. In truth, I initially thought it was bizarre, and I really struggled with it.

Month of Mary

May is the month of Mary.

As a woman and mother, I look to Mary so often for guidance. As the mother of Christ, she had a crucial role in His life. She was entrusted with the task of raising Him, with patience, love, and tender care. She knew what an enormous undertaking this would be, she consented to carry Him in her womb and raise Him, she was by His side at His crucifixion, and was there when He resurrected. She knew intense pain and sorrow, but also great joy. She followed God’s will and dedicated her life to Him, trusting Him even in difficult and dangerous times, even when her only Son was taken from her. And she was well rewarded for her complete faith and obedience to His will. 

I look to her as an example of perfect motherhood, womanhood, and as someone who surrendered to the unknown, trusting in His plans for her. In truth, these are all things I struggle with. I struggle with balancing motherhood, I struggle with discerning His will and following it even if it goes against my own desires, I struggle with surrendering to the unknown and trusting in Him. When I struggle with these things, I pray.

The rosary is my favorite prayer because it takes us through the life of Christ with Mary, where we meditate upon key events in their lives and recall the words from scripture she was greeted with by the angel Gabriel and her cousin Elizabeth during each Hail Mary. I lose myself in the Mysteries, and every time I pray the rosary I feel closer to Christ and His mother. I feel more at peace, as though I have a clearer focus and am able to see His hand in all things.

She is one of our most valuable guides in our faith, a mother to all who seek her. I love that we just had Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday, and now begin the month of Our Lady.

To Christ through Mary

Statue of Mary at St. Clement Catholic Church in Chicago, IL.

Statue of Mary at St. Clement Catholic Church in Chicago, IL.

Small Potatoes

Today was one of those days. First, I dropped my new ring and popped out the Moissanite. Then I had multiple frustrations at work, had a headache, it was raining and I had to get groceries, I saw my heating bill for the last month, I have a bunch of projects to do...the list goes on. It was a rough day, and I let myself become irritated and frustrated and overwhelmed with everything. 

It’s easy to do, to allow ourselves to become overwhelmed or irritated or frustrated. It’s easy to succumb to negative thoughts. On days like these, I ask myself what my prayer life looks like. Is He the center of my life? Is the relationship that matters most taking priority? You know what I need? A rosary. A full twenty uninterrupted minutes of prayer and scripture and conversation with Him. After a prayer session, even a small one, where I ponder His life and sufferings, His triumph and mercy and grace, after I’ve looked to Our Lady and the saints and ask myself how they would handle these situations, you know what I realize?

It’s all small potatoes, friends. All those problems are small potatoes, and I let them distract me and stress me instead of using them as opportunities to learn and grow in patience, charity, or discipline. I allow them to bring me down instead of using them to build myself up.

It makes a world of difference, whether I’ve started my day with prayer, ended it with prayer and thanks, appreciated every blessing and thanked Him for opportunities presented to me throughout the day. It takes more effort to be upset than it does to take a step back and contemplate, to return to what matters. 

Take a break, take a breath, say a Hail Mary and come back to your center, regain your focus and remember, it’s all small potatoes. 

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