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About Libra's Garden

Libra's Garden (TM) is my shop located in the Midwestern United States. Here, I offer plant medicine and gemstone rosaries for Catholic prayer. My name is Raquel, the owner, herbalist, and artisan behind Libra's Garden. As a devout Catholic, all my products and practices align with Church teaching.

Apothecary items include tinctures, tea, syrups, salves, and more. I focus on using locally wildcrafted, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients, harvested myself wherever possible. I also make high-quality Catholic rosaries with gemstone beads and solid sterling silver or silver-plated parts to assist Catholics in prayer. These rosaries are designed to last for years of prayer and make a wonderful gift for special occasions. I offer these beautiful prayer tools as listed, and welcome custom orders for special occasions and personal requests.

Sliding Scale Pricing is available upon request, simply send me a message on my Contact page! I want my goods to be affordable for everyone, regardless of one’s income, so I offer my products at a discounted price for those who are unable to afford them at full price.

Herbal medicine is a lifelong pursuit, and a path I'm very passionate about. I believe in nurturing the body in a natural, holistic manner, and that the earth provides the medicine we need - if only we know how to use it. I love to create these apothecary and skincare items, and offer them in my shop in the hopes that you may benefit from them. Currently, I do not offer plant walks or workshops, but I plan to offer these and more services in the future.

Every item in my shop is made with the utmost care, designed to assist you in your daily rituals of holistic self-care and prayer while being mindful of the environmental impact of these goods. You can find me on Instagram @librasgarden and Facebook at Libra's Garden, to see my creative process and informative posts. Thank you for stopping by!